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We build and hire Coin Operated Internet Work Stations


 - they automatically reset them selves on each re-boot

 - work with $ 2 coin mechanisms (you set the time on-line for each $2 coin)

 - coin mechanism switches off keyboard, mouse, USB port and speakers (headphones)

 - there is a two minute warning beep before 'Time's Up' 

 - computers are bolted to the table and have vandal proof bolts

 - photocard readers and CD/DVD writers

 - Windows XP - (or Windows Vista) with foreign language options

 - Home Page written for each site like

 - standard Rola Table Trolley (680 x 930 mm) - with cable tray, multiplug etc.

 - we build and test (run them hot for about 5 days) the computers ..... they work!

 - we install service upgrade repair  - at no additional cost


 They are ideally suited for Backpackers - where they can be left reasonably unsupervised.


copyright 2016 - WGF Strauss - 200 Levers Road,  Matua, Tauranga 3110   New Zealand